Monday, December 14, 2015

What Does a Portrait Really Say About Us?

A Picture may be worth 1000 words.  But what are those words really saying about the Subject?  And What are those words saying about the Photographer?

View an Interesting Experiment that reveals those 1000 words may tell us more about the Photographer than the subject.......

I'll be posting a series of Portraits of Me, taken by my husband & Some Self Portraits.  Each one tells a different part of my recent life story.........What do you think this one is telling you?

From 2010: A little out of focus because I was experimenting with IR Film.  
More on that later.

Comments and responses appreciated.  This is my Portraiture Psych Test.......

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  1. I've been missing these. Too busy lately to read blogs.

    To me these say 'the life of a beautiful photographer through the years.