Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturdays Online: Yes I Do Have Digital Projects

Lest you begin to feel after the past two weeks enties that I never would use Digital for anything.  I can admit to two digital 'projects':

First, Explorations with my phone camera:

 Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL

Because it means that most of us always have a camera with us.  One of my photo groups here sponsors a phone camera workshop from time to time.  So next time it's offered I will try it. 

Second, I have been spectacularly unsuccessful at infrared film photography.  I still have one more roll in the freezer, and I'll eventually do something with it.

But by the end of the year we will have converted Donald's old Nikon D-40 to a Full Spectrum Camera.  You can also just have an infrared conversion.  The advantage of Full Spectrum being that you are not limited to infrared, and can select the spectra to work.

So that is my pro-digital take..........Of course, regardless of your camera choice, if you don't make a print, it's still not really a photograph!  So Print It!

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