Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturdays Online: Can't Stop Shooting Film

Often when I participate in Photography Workshops, someone has to ask why I shoot film.  I get tired of the question, mostly because what anyone of us does or doesn't do is an "Artistic Choice" and we should not be asked to justify what pleases us aesthetically.

So I'm not on a rant, but here is my short list:
  • I like working in the dark room (its not a photograph until you print it!).
  • I like film cameras, and am a collector (if you've got it, use it).
  • Because of the survivability of real Print Images, I was able to make a wonderful photo book for my Mother's 90th Birthday.  This only applies to real photographic paper, not your ink jet image.  Also B&W survives better than color.
  • I work on spectacular digital imagery as a satellite image analyst.  I do not care to spend my free time (aside from blogging) tied to Photoshop and my computer.  Nothing can compare to the 'photography' I work with professionally from "my employer's digital camera" 500 +km in Earth orbit.
  • Also Read about our Blogger Friend Aubrey's recent experience with digital rot.
Please view this video from Amrit Vatsa.  It answers all the questions you've ever had regarding why some of us love film.  It's not a bother its a pleasure.  He makes an elegant comparison to painting.  Did we stop painting just because it's an old analog format?  Or is there actual pleasure in creating something with your hands that you will eventually be able to hold in your hands?  And how old are those paintings in the Egyptian Tombs?

And search through that old box of photographs and negatives that you found in your grand parent's attic.  Who knows what you might find?

Even this un-restored photo of myself, Mom, brother Kevin and our Dog Tessie brings back such vivid memories of the summer of 1965:

It's just soooo 1960's.


  1. Oh, I could add much to that fine list. I'll leave only this; my film and paper images will be here for centuries while the digital will be gone in a few years. How many ink jet or laser photos have you seen guaranteed not to fade for over 100 years!?

    I've got perfectly good glass plates and photos (displayed) from the 1800's. Nothing digital will last that long.

  2. Spending another day in the dark room this weekend. Trying to get 10-12 hours a week in there for the summer.

    There are so many funt hings about film, which is why groups like Lomography exist.

    Next week I'll let you in on a little 'digital' secret that I'm brewing. But never fear, I'll still be shooting film 90% or more of the time.

  3. And what about Pinhole photography?

  4. I dabble in a bit of pinhole. Missed Pinhole day this year due to very bad weather conditions. We are planning to have our own personal pinhole make-up day.

    Here is the link to our latest Pinhole Camera:

    And last Year's Pinhole Day Photos: