Monday, July 8, 2013

Pinhole Print Comparison

This is a scanned print form Pinhole Day.  I was looking through a window from the dark Library to a very bright outdoors.

I decided to go into the Darkroom because getting a decent print with the degree of exposure difference, required quite a bit of experimentation and eventual Burning (15 second exposure a f/8 plus 45 seconds burning in the window scene).  The printing is still a work in progress; I'd probably crop the left side of the image.

I looked up how to fix this negative (shown below) in Photoshop and decided that I'd rather not bother.........It was going to take a lot of time to learn to burn in Photoshop, and I already knew what to do in the darkroom.

As  new feature I will be posting comparisons of Prints and the Scanned Negatives, under Print Comparisons.  Most of the B&W images I have been posting are scanned negatives with slight contrast adjustments or dust removal.  If it needed a lot of work I didn't bother to post it.  Now I'll be spending the summer printing some of those images and will re-post for comparison.

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