Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet the Minolta SRT-101

 I have already satisfied my immediate camera plan from My New Year's Resolutions.  Let's hope the rest of the years goes as well.

The cameras of the 1960s and 1970s have a better chance of working in 2050 than those made in the 1980s……”

I begin with this quote from Karen Nakamura’s Photoethnography, entry for the Minolta SRT-101.  The SRT-101 was introduced in 1966, as one of the earliest cameras with through the lens metering. The SRT-201 added a true flash synched hot shoe, and that was the only difference.

To synch this Hot Shoe you need a cable that plugs into the side.  I never use flash, so who cares!

I’ll also share with you a friend’s story of his experience with the SRT-Series in general.  Jamie was in a small plane crash or more like a very hard landing in a farm field (no serious injuries).  He had been doing some aerial photography and on impact his SRT flew out of his hands.  He later found it imbedded in the wing of the plane, and the camera still worked!

And that’s why I love my clunky, old, fully manual, all metal body SRT cameras.  here's another view of my latest family member……..

ASA Dial.

Most of my recent 35mm B&W images were made with my SRT-202 (also used for these photos), which was a 1970’s update (1975-1978).  A fully manual camera is s great place to start if you are experimenting with film.  And even if the battery dies you can still shoot as long as you are able to “guestimate” the proper exposure.  With constant use, that “guestimation” is usually workable, especially with B&W film.

Tomorrow a few photos from the SRT-101.....................


  1. Very nice camera. Yours still ahs the black plastic part on the film advance also. I have 2 SRT-102s (not muich difference with the 101) and I keep reattaching the black piece. Mine also show much more brassing from decades of use and tens of thousands of frames. These old cameras are hard to kill. Worst problem is the old mercury batteries. Moderm batteries just do not live up to those.

  2. My dad was partial to the SRT Minolta line. I talked him into the Pentax in 1980. I think they are both better than the current line from both companies (Minolta=Sony). My K1000 will get a workout tomorrow. Hopefully posting some on Sundy!

  3. Love my old reliable manual cameras. And i know what you mean about the plastic part of the film advance. It will never stay on. Broken off of my SRT-202 and long gone.....

    I almost went with Pentax back in 1978 when I bought my first 35mm, but alas the Minolta was on sale!

  4. My first SLR was (and is) an SRT-101. It's exactly as old as I am, having been purchased new by my grandfather when I was born. I don't use it so much these days, having also acquired an XG7 and an XD11 over the years, also because the X-sync socket makes an unreliable connection, so you never know if the flash will go off or not, but I do try to take it out once in a while.

    (The original model, like mine and the one you've got here, has a black film speed knob and slotted screws; sometime around 1969-70 they went to a silver knob and philips screws.)