Wednesday, February 22, 2012

International Snow Sculpture Festival in B&W

Perhaps an old choice for the beginning of Lent................

This year's Snow Sculpture Festival was not quite as good as the past ones.  And someone's brilliant idea for mood lighting made B&W photography difficult.  But here goes.........


  1. Like that! One questions for you: Do scan your negatives or make prints and scan those? I have (in the few I have done) scanned 8 X 10 prints because I do not have a decent film scanner and was curious what others are doing in a similar situation. Thanks.

  2. Right now I have been without my own darkroom for a couple of years. So I've been scanning negatives. I have an Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner. It is fine for postings here, but I'd use a film scanner if I wanted to make prints.

    I've also found that it doesn't scan mounted slides very well, due to differences in the thickness of the mounts. So when I shoot slide film I don't get the slides mounted, and I scan as film strips.

    My darkroom is nearing completion, and I do find that I prefer to scan photos because I think the prints look better than the film scans......