Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Photo Resolutions 2012

My goals for this past year were very unrealistic given my health circumstances.  So I'm trimming it down to something more reasonable for this year:

Start Printing in My Home Darkroom
Continue with Pinholes (I have a paint can pinhole to play with this year)
Work on the Family Project (Easier once I have the darkroom)
Play with Caffenol
Dig into my slides from Spain, Norway, and Africa........and Post them for you!

My camera plans continue to be:

Still looking for a Minolta SRT-101
Long-range Plans for a Mamiya 6X7
Longer-range plans for a Graflex Press Camera (Speed Graphic model)

Yes coming soon the DARKROOM!  I'll post a progress report image in the next week. The only addition, looking for a small pocket sized rangefinder.  We'll talk about that in a later posting because I'll be seeking recommendations.

What are your Photo Plans for this year?


  1. If you're Looking for an SRT-101, how about this one?

    Grainlab is a reputable source of second-hand SLRs.

  2. Kodak Retina-III, I love mine,old basic rangefinder with excellent interchageable Schneider lenses. Bad thing is; about amonth before I got the camera I could have had cigar box full of all kinds of Schneider lenses that would have fit this camera. Don't know your location, but I see Minolta SRT series cameras on Craiglist all the time.