Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Minolta XD-11: The BEST Camera That Nobody Wanted

I came across an article on-line regarding “High Water Marks” for various camera brands.  It seems to support my statement that the XD-11 was the BEST camera that nobody wanted.  Making its appearance in 1977, the XD-11 was part of the late 70’s technology boom in lens development and film quality.

Winning Features:
·      Auto Exposure with both Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed Priority options
·      Programmable override for Shutter Speed Priority
·      Excellent viewing screen (very bright)
·      Great ergonomics
·      Leaf Shutter

The quality of Minolta MD Rokker lenses is also vastly under-rated.  This may have been due to mass marketing to amateurs with little attention to attracting the professional photographer.  In turn, lack of professional exposure discouraged amateurs, etc, eventually killing the Brand, although their recent digital technology was purchased by Sony.  I experienced this ‘disdain’ when I returned to college after my Christmas break freshman year with a Minolta SRT-SCII, marked down to discount prices because of the new XD-11 model.  One of my wealthier friends returned with a Canon AE-1, but since my photos were often much better than hers I didn’t let it phase me.

My XD-11 is currently at the Camera Hospital.  New Photos Coming Soon!


  1. These Minolta cameras were really good. I think there was a tie up with Leica and my R4 may be a result of that technology agreement. But I wouldn't swear to that.
    Nice camera and lens.

  2. You are correct, it is the cousin of the Leica R4. I asked at the repair shop when I dropped it off.

    I've also achieved one of my camera goals this week. But I'll write about that when my new baby arrives.

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  4. I'm trying to get back to my original blogging, which included more articles.......Thanks.....

  5. I'd like to try one of those. So far, my favorite camera is the Minolta Autocord - I've got some stunningly sharp and good pictures on that one.

  6. Nice - I would like to try one of those. Excellent quality compared to cost. My favorite camera so far it the Minolta Autocord - - I've got some great quality shots with it.