Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ektar Film Test: Part II

Now how about my deadly blue Colorado sky?

I have to say disappointing...............

And sometimes even slightly turquoise......

These sky colors are not winning me over!  This may send me back towards Fuji Velvia.


  1. I could do a color correction in Photoshop. But I hate spending that much time on Photoshop. Generally I use it to remove dust and maybe play with contrast.

    and E100GX wasn't necessarily correct, I just like to color balance better. The sky may be this color, but my vision goes a bit into the ultraviolet so I see the sky as a very rich darker blue. Probably why I tend to also over-polarize......

    (FYI a lot of women can see into the edge of the ultraviolet. Its a gender thing. Just like red-green color blindness for men.)