Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boreas Pass

Winter Photography down on the plains is not so great at the moment.   And we haven't made a photo trek to the Mountains yet.  No rush because the snow will be in good photogenic condition until March (or longer).

So let's just enjoy summer, or whatever season come to mind.  From our first summer here in 2006:

The Boreas Pass Road is another old narrow gauge railroad grade (formerly a stage road), now off road adventure.  Unlike some of the others, Boreas Pass is well graded and accessible by car in the summer.

Some out building of the ghost town remain.  The town was mostly there for maintenance of the snow sheds, and as a refuge from the most severe storms.

A 'track re-enactment" is located at the ghost town. showing the narrow gauge.


  1. Love the clouds in the 'she'd' shot; red filter?

  2. Definitely a dark red filter. I've been accused of overuse of the red filter. But I'm a high contrast kinda gal. Although lately I've backed off a bit to dark orange.

  3. The tracks are eery in a way. Love the angle!