Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vote on Show Entries

I am entering a juried palstic camera show at the end of the month.  Here are a few possibilities from my older collection.  I will have newere options next week.  Comments appreciated.

The first three are from Death Valley:

These are from Old Fort Ord, Marina, California:

'Welcome has been in a juried show before so it's a sure thing for entry............


  1. I think all of these are worthy of entering into the contest. Personally, I prefer the three from Death Valley.

  2. First: I like the snacks picture. Second: Why entering "welcome" agàin? Third: Like to see recent work! ( My pupils always said I was so very severe...)

  3. I like the 'SNACKS' photograph. There's a subtle humor in the image.

  4. You get to vote on new images next week. I'll probably develop that film on Thursday.

    I guess I like "Welcome" because others appreciated it. I like "Snacks" because I agree with CCL.

    It's hard to take a bad photo at Death Valley!

  5. The three from Death Vally are pretty spectacular.