Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gaillard Cut

The Culebra Cut crosses the continental divide of Panama.  It was renamed after Maj. David Du Bose Gaillard the officer in charge of this section of the project, who died before its completion. The American version of the canal was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (1904-1914), after the French attempt to build a sea-level canal went bankrupt.

Approaching the Cut from the north

This is the most famous part of the Gaillard Cut.   For more info check the link.  I have a two-fold connection to the Panama Canal.  Two of my mother's uncles moved to Panama from Barbados to work on the construction.  The Americans recruited mostly from English-speaking islands in the Caribbean for workers.  They settled there and hence I have Panamanian family.  Part II, my mother worked for the US Army Corps of engineers and the people that I met there are responsible for my becoming a geologist.

All photos from Panama are taken with the same camera, lens, and film as listed in the first post (or check the labels)


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  2. yes I accidentally posted the fires while I was still editing. But they will return on Friday.....