Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Beginnings: My Best Attempt At Sports

For my Blog Anniversary I will post a series of photos from my first black and white photography class. I'll let you guess the Era from their clothing, because basketball fashion has changed significantly.

The "Ohio" is Ohio University, my team in white from Miami University, Miami being a name that originates in Ohio.  The name of a Tribe belonging to Tecumseh's People; and two rivers in the area where they lived.  I mention that because my alma mater is about a hundred years older than the City of Miami.  The name was taken to Florida as part of a real estate scam to rip-off Midwesterners.  Just one of those things!

All of these photos were taken without filters (hadn't discovered them yet); little or no contrast added during printing; using my beloved Minolta SRT-SCII, and Tri-X Pan film.

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