Monday, May 3, 2010

Perspectives from White Sands

I prefer the one above with more foreground.  But which do you prefer?


  1. I think this was taken on 35mm film, negative or slide? The colour temperature seems to have effected the colour cast, giving it a blue or cyan cast. When I used to go skiing (years ago) I always found that the slides came out excessively blue; Ektachrome was more prone than Kodachrome.
    Saw your comment on the wagon at Bodie, thanks.

  2. It is a Mamiya 6X6 color slide. E100GX is supposed to be warmer than E100G, so I was surprised to have so much blue. Of course if the sun had been shining I think the color balance would have been fine. I didn't adjust it because I though t the blue added mystery. If I had used E100VS the outhouse would hacw been a brighter red.

  3. I prefer the first photo. I like cool tone of the photo.