Monday, June 1, 2009

Making Film and Digital Look the Same? Let’s not, but say we did……..

Check out this recent article in Outdoor Photographer. Even Digital Guru George Lepp says its OK to shoot in film and scan later:

George Lepp's Scanning Suggestions

I was surprised because he really IS the ultimate Digital GURU. But when I searched some of his previous tech tips I found similar entries. I have heard him lecture three times now and I always learn something new. If you ever have a chance to hear/see him in person take advantage of the opportunity. As the article (and his lectures) show he is not a film hater.

George Lepp Photography now the Light Photographic Workshops.

Now to the crux of today's entry..........
My Only wish for the magazine Outdoor Photographer is that they stop trying to make digital look like film. Every issue has at least one article on the subject. The fact is that they LOOK DIFFERENT. Just let it be and let them BE DIFFERENT!

One major difference is how digital sensors handle depth of field. You simply have more control of the depth of field using film, because digital sensors tend to try to pull everything into focus whether you want it that way or not. There are times when this will be a good thing, and times when it will be a bad thing.

Also, please stop trying to sell the idea that anything digital will ever look like a silver print! You may fool yourself until you see them side by side. Now which you actually prefer is up to you, but stop imitating! I know it is the sincerest form of flattery, but it just ain’t workin’ for me!

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