Friday, June 12, 2009

Fuji Superia 400, an inexpensive way to experiment with color film.

THE FILM: Fuji Superia 400 (also available in ISO 200, 800, and 1600, but I haven’t tried these). I love the richness of the colors and natural color balance. Fuji print films have always highlighted greens and blues. Perhaps not so great on reds and orange. These rocks actually have a reddish stain. I have not corrected the color balance because I want you to see it as it is without Photoshop enhancements.

This film was recommended by Ken Rockwell's photography blog. As I was doing more research on the film for this posting, I came across some postings on Flickr’s “I Shoot Film” user’s forum. I found out much to my chagrin, that Costco had discontinued distribution. But WALMART to the rescue? They have an ongoing distribution deal with Fuji so you can buy and process through them. Some Walmarts are also maintaining their 1-Hour C-41 processing service. If you find dealing with Walmart just too much slumming, you can always rely upon my favorite suppliers (links to the left).

I volunteer at a local state park, Eldorado Canyon, near Boulder, Colorado. I always carry a camera, because the moods of the place are constantly changing with the seasons and the daily weather. Volunteers hike the trails daily to check trail conditions and keep an eye on the behavior of visitors. The other day I had to remove a park guest from a tree to inform him that rock climbing was allowed, but not trees! We also monitor the climbers and wildlife. It is a nesting site for the Prairie Falcon and Peregrine Falcon. We also have foxes, bears, rattlesnakes and lots of trout in South Boulder Creek.
Also it is a world renowned rock climbing site. I finally realized that I will need to carry my 500mm mirror lens to capture the climbing, my 28-200mm zoom doesn’t get close enough. I will have those photos soon in another posting.

And Camera SRT-202….OOPS I don’t have a photo of it yet……….

This is currently the only color print film that I shoot. However, I will soon be trying the new Kodak Ektar ISO 100 professional print film. I’ll re-shoot some of the Eldorado sites and do a side by side comparison. For some side by side print film comparisons go to this recent entry at I SHOOT FILM also.

Shown here, chalk from the rock climber's hands.........

I still prefer my Kodak GX100 transparency film though. Here is a similar scene taken with GX100. You can see the red color in the rocks, and actually a bluer sky.

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