Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holga and Lomo Plastic Cameras

Continuing with the Rangefinder Family of cameras, Let's talk about Holga and Lomo. To the right, one of my favorite Holga images. This one has appeared in Juried shows. For more Plastic Cameras photos check out the Krappy Kamera Korner.

I was introduced to the Holga during my photo studies in Monterey, California. The Holga is a medium format plastic camera. using an insert it can be adjusted to take 15-6X4.5 images or 12-6X6images. There is also now a 35mm version.

Holgas are FUN! So get one and try it out!

Another Plastic Camera Friend is the Lomo Fisheye. There is an entire on-line community dedicated to this camera. Check out Lomography for a test ride.

And take a look at Donald's Lomo Fisheye pic. More Also at our Krappy Kamera Korner.

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