Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who Lives, Who Dies....Cameras I mean, not People!

Recently two of my camera friends have passed away. The Canonet I was told is not worth fixing.......Many available on the market if I really need one. But there are many other cameras on my wish list ahead of acquiring another one.

So you tell me, do I need to find another Canon G-III QL?

My greater dilemma is the Minolta XD-11. Said to be one of the best cameras Minolta made. The film advance mechanism is failing. I am going to send it out for an estimate. I'm somewhat optimistic about its prognosis.........

Oddly both have Leaf Shutters. An expensive option for relatively inexpensive cameras........


  1. I know that feeling too well! I still have my two Canon F1's - but they are very ill, and the EF has died. We are all mortal. But sometimes there is that positive surprise: my Weston Master V is still functioning! So there is hope...

  2. The Canon GIII, is that with 1.7 or 1.9 lens? The 1.7 is more sought after than the other, but both are classics. I have a 1.7 with light seals in a bad way, I need to do something with those. The lens on both is a beauty. What is wrong with the Canonet? The Minolta is nice, but because I love old rangefinders, my preference would be the Canonet.
    Just a point on the shutters. The Canonet will have a leaf shutter within the lens, but I would think the Minolta would have a focal plane shutter between the film and the mirror. Am I wrong?

  3. The Canon has a 1.7 lens.......

    The Minolta XD-11 has a focal plane leaf shutter. I'll post a picture it tomorrow. Don't want to interefere with Wells Cathedral today......

  4. So you have the sought after version of the Canon. They are real nice, hope it still works.