Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Counting All My Blessings and Prayers......

Thinking of all the best wishes and prayers I have received as I go into surgery #2:

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Weekends on Line: Film Photography in Louisville, KY

My 2019 Goals stated that I was going to return to some old posting projects that somehow got lost along the way.  One item was regular postings of links to interesting photo articles o the Weekends.  So here is 2019's first installment: a growing Film Photography Community in Louisville.

Fueled somewhat by a resurgence of Film Photography for Weddings.......

I don't do weddings.  But I do always post something special for my Blogger Friends, A Holga Landscape:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Favorite New Year's Resolutions/Goals from Blogs I Follow

I've published my Goals, Now I'm taking a look at the Goals of those I follow online.  Where do we intersect and digress?  So I'm wrapping up January with what I've learned from You!

And it seems like few of the bloggers I follow actually set new goals each year.  So I'm going to post the two that I found inspiring:

Starting with It's Her Van:

My Favorites, #2 and #5........

2- I must find a comfortable camera strap that won’t wreck my neck, back, and entire day. This has become a bigger hassle than expected and now I understand why people drop a hundred bucks on a strip of cloth. I’ll keep searching and let you know what I come up with.

5- Be kinder to myself and the mistakes I make with the van. Like, it’s my van. I can screw it up if I want to.

Vulture:  33 Rules for Being An Artist from Jerry Saltz

Not really an individual's goals, but things we should all keep in mind.  They are all my Favorites, but here's a selection I can follow:

Lesson 1: Don’t Be Embarrassed

Lesson 2: “Tell your own story and you will be interesting.” — Louise Bourgeois

Lesson 4: Art Is Not About Understanding. Or Mastery; It is about doing and experience.

Lesson 10: Find Your Own Voice; Then exaggerate it.

And there's a lot more here....not specific to Photography, but we can learn from other artists Too!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weekends Online: Exploring Veteran's Personal Vision

Explore Personal Vision........At the New CPAC Exhibit if you happen to be in the Denver Area.

And a Symbol of my Personal Vision:

Monday, January 14, 2019

Silberra Film.....

Just mailed my first roll of Silberra Film to Old School Labs.  I should have result to show by the end of the week.  Silberra was one of my 2018 Successes.

It was also a fun package to receive in the mail:

From Russia with Love...I wonder what the mail man thought of this package?

The Silberrra 160 Pan is on its way to Old School.  The Pan 100 is in the camera now.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Photography Goals

Adding a photo and reposting.......

I had a lot of success in 2018.  OK, that depends on how you measure success.  I had a lot of recognition in 2018.  Success is more a measure of meeting Personal Goals that satisfy one's Artistic Vision.

So these were my stated goals for 2018:

  • Focus on Darkroom Printing Time Especially prints of Moab Symposium events
  • Attend THE FINAL Moab Photo Symposium in May 2018
  • Continue Experiments with IR Film
  • Practice with my newly converted digital full spectrum camera
  • Continue the Charge towards Gallery Submissions (Check My 'Fine Art' Page Here)

I did have prints for Moab and attended the Final Show.  I also submitted images for the Wrap-up Book.

I gave up on IR film and moved on to my Full Spectrum converted Nikon-1.  I use the IR filter to block the parts of the spectrum I'm not interested in.  I got the full spectrum set-up for Ghost Hunting (We'll follow-up on that later).

Still entering contests even though we have discussed why that is bad......

So what are my 2019 Goals:
  • First, Survive my latest medical complications
  • Second, more thoughtful and meditative pursuit of my photography
  • Stay Focussed
  • More Darkroom time
  • AND getting back to the Roots of This Blog; Recording my Life and Times on the Front Range.
    • Restarting Vintage Camera News and Online Weekend Features
    • Continuing the 52 Rolls Redux
    • Film and Camera Reviews
    • Travel Photography
    • Snapshots from Life