Friday, November 20, 2009

The Distant Hills

From my Prison the distance the Oakland Hills, taken from the Prison Lunchroom at Alcatraz.

I actually think of this as a landscape more than a scene from prison.


  1. I did the Alcatraz tour back in 1988 when we lived in Santa Clara; it was $7 then with audio guide; best $7 we spent, a great tour.

  2. ...also would fit in my Lunchroom Series :)

  3. This is scan of a print. I have tons of Alcatraz that I haven't printed yet. My husband promises that my darkroom will be done for Christmas.........

    The Alcatraz tour price hadn't gone up too much when we were there in about 2003 or 2004. Maybe it was $10 or $12.

    I 'enjoy' prison tours, as much as you can apply that word 'enjoy' to such grim places. The history fascinates me. But there are two or three prison museums that I would like to see: Eastern State in Philadelphia is our oldest penetentiary, with parts built in the 1830's; The original part of Sing Sing (Ossining New York, up the Hudson from NYC), where you can now spend the night in a cell if you are inclined, and the origin of the term "sent up the river"; and The Territorial Prison Museum here in Colorado.