Friday, November 27, 2009

Things Out of Place?

A Sequoia in the Desert? Why And How?

Planted to commemorate a visit by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt for the opening of the first automobile road crossing the Sierras, we do find a Sequoia in the Eastern Sierra Desert. Fed by a natural spring it is thriving. although the 'un-natural' growing situation has resulted in 'Christmas Tree' shape not typical of the Giant Sequoia. With no competition, it is also growing faster than a Sequoia normally would. This is a mere Baby at less than 100 years old.

See me in front of the tree (above) for scale.............

The right shape for a Christmas tree, I wonder if anyone has thought of decorating it?

How often in Life do we find 'Things Out of Place'?

For my Blogger Friends in the US, hope you didn't over do the Turkey Yesterday!

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