Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Photography Goals

Adding a photo and reposting.......

I had a lot of success in 2018.  OK, that depends on how you measure success.  I had a lot of recognition in 2018.  Success is more a measure of meeting Personal Goals that satisfy one's Artistic Vision.

So these were my stated goals for 2018:

  • Focus on Darkroom Printing Time Especially prints of Moab Symposium events
  • Attend THE FINAL Moab Photo Symposium in May 2018
  • Continue Experiments with IR Film
  • Practice with my newly converted digital full spectrum camera
  • Continue the Charge towards Gallery Submissions (Check My 'Fine Art' Page Here)

I did have prints for Moab and attended the Final Show.  I also submitted images for the Wrap-up Book.

I gave up on IR film and moved on to my Full Spectrum converted Nikon-1.  I use the IR filter to block the parts of the spectrum I'm not interested in.  I got the full spectrum set-up for Ghost Hunting (We'll follow-up on that later).

Still entering contests even though we have discussed why that is bad......

So what are my 2019 Goals:
  • First, Survive my latest medical complications
  • Second, more thoughtful and meditative pursuit of my photography
  • Stay Focussed
  • More Darkroom time
  • AND getting back to the Roots of This Blog; Recording my Life and Times on the Front Range.
    • Restarting Vintage Camera News and Online Weekend Features
    • Continuing the 52 Rolls Redux
    • Film and Camera Reviews
    • Travel Photography
    • Snapshots from Life

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