Sunday, December 2, 2018

End of Year Wrap-Up Part I: Book Experiences

I'm doing my End of Year Summaries a bit differently.  I've had lot's of activity and want to have a more in depth discussion than simply publishing lists.

Lot's of book experiences to report this year.  Both Buying from Photographers that Follow, and books that I have images published in.

Let's start with Success book Purchases:

First Check Out Photo Hebrides.  I purchased one of his book for my Husband's Birthday:

We are both Taurus, so I couldn't resist the Highland Cow.  So many to choose from.  I will certainly purchase more.

Second,  Just ordered from Jim Grey "Textures of Ireland".  Bought one for myself and a Friend.

Now for Books that I have Images in:

Personalizing Place:  Moab Photography Symposium 2004-2018

And from Photographer's Forum: 38th Annual Spring Photography Contest Book.  My copy of the book has not arrived yet,  but here is my certificate:

So that was my 2019 Book Experience Summary

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