Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Film Ferrania Test: Part I

I took Film Ferrania P30 on the road trip to the Eclipse.

Now, maybe it's a bad idea to do a film test on a road trip.  Because You can't be assured of the results.........Should have followed that logic. The images are salvageable, but it will take some work in the darkroom to get them right.  First the Before Image:

Rather flat and frankly disappointing, despite the dark orange contrast filter.  Seems a bit underexposed, and I've never had that happen with the XD-11. I exposed the film as recommended: ISO 80.  Now the After Image with basic Contrast and Brightness manipulation in Photoshop (+50 Brightness & +75 Contrast):

A much more pleasing image of the Courthouse and Jail Rocks
along the Oregon Trail in Nebraska.

So I have another Ferrania P30 test underway exposing +1 stop.  We'll see later how that worked out.  For the rest of this week, we'll look at scenes across western Nebraska.

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