Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturdays Online: A Final Perspective

On a clear day I have a good view of Mt Meeker and Longs Peak from the park near my home.  I'm always trying to get the 'perfect' shot from this location:

Here the Mamiya 7 with the 150mm lens. But I remembered that ages ago I had purchased a 210mm lens, and never really used it.  So I took it out to get a closer view:

of course, it would have been nice to have a few clouds.  But here we either have too many clouds or none.  You can see a wisp of cloud starting to form in the upper right corner.

Now for a further test I should taken the Mamiya 645 with its 210mm lens and my 2X teleconverter.  So we will revisit this scene again soon.

And Now for a totally different kind of perspective as Large Format Photographer Mat Marrash talks about why he loves large format, and especially what he has learned from the process.

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