Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturdays Online: The Coolest Business Cards

Take a look at what Kodak Execs are using for Business Cards.  Obviously film is alive and well in some circles at Kodak.  It would be nice if they would share more insight and products with us too!

So I'm curious, how many of you have Photography Cards?  I won't call them business cards, because you may or may not classify your self as a professional?

We carry cards as an easy way to have a personal 'business' card for follow-up contacts with people I meet through photography:

And where can I get one of those coolest cards?  Maybe I'll try making one? So what's in your wallet?


  1. Now I need to give up my paper cards for one made from film. Need to put the 35W back in the Bronica and load some transparency film.

  2. I think we all needs these cards and that Kodak should start marketing them to the public!