Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sundays Online: Landscape Photography Etiquette

But this actually applies to all photographers.  Etiquette is what makes us civilized.  Recently I commented on the wanton destruction of Race Track Playa, some of it done by photographers who didn't want anyone to ever see the same rock they had photographed.

Apparently this attitude is on the increase as a recent PetaPixel article reminds us to mind our manners:

I assure you that no other photographers were injured in the making of this image of Death Valley, and no Landmarks were destroyed!

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  1. I'm sorry I have not taken time to comment all your wonder photos of the water lillies. I've enjoyed them all. Your solemn remembrance of the WTC quite fitting also.

    On etiquette I'm reminded of the wildlife photographer's code of ethics. Let everything as you found not disturb nests and so on. Growing up in a small town in the woods I learned to appreciate all about the outdoors, I practice that code as it goes along with all I learned during my younger days in the woods, and I try to do even more in conserving all I enjoy in the outdoors hoping I set a good example. Too bad there are too many greedy and unethical people in the world that can think no further than themself.