Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturdays Online: Meet our 'Newest' Camera Family Member

I say 'newest' because it is not a new camera at all.  Just joining us for the first time.  I have a wonderful neighbor that has given us a lot of darkroom equipment, including the Beautiful Durst Enlarger.  The B&J Press Camera is the latests item to take that walk across the street:

The Burke and James Press Camera, beautifully described here on YouTube.

So Donald has the 4X5 camera that he's been wanting.  Me, I'm sticking with Medium Format, but cause I ain't hiking a 4X5 (and the heavier tripod it requires) any where!

But read this Case For Large Format Film,  which tells you why it does make a difference to go Bigger!

We'll update you with our first results soon!

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