Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturdays Online: Preserving (Family) History Through Photography

This Is AMAZING!  14 portraits of Veterans of the American Revolution.  They lived long enough to have portraits made after Photography was invented.  As I looked at these images it brought me closer to the history that these men represented.  And if they had thought to look for women survivors of that age, there might have been more. AND the number one reason why prints (and even better negatives) matter.  They will survive (at least some of them will).  And if you need confirmation of that go to Forgotten Old Photos. Remember, one of the important results of Photography was, that for the first time people could see images of their parents and grandparents, when they were young.

Like my mother's Freshman Year Photo from Hunter College.  If you've been following this BLOG you know that mom is still going strong @ 91 and will be joining me on Colorado for Mother's Day.  She still lives in Ohio.........

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