Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturdays Online: What was on those old Rolls of Film.....And why aren't my Photos Better?

Today in a tongue in cheek offering we answer these burning photographic questions?

First kudos to the ShoeBoxBlog for their insight:

Do you remember what's on that last roll of film that you shot BEFORE switching to digital?  Did you ever finish it and get the roll developed?  Sometimes wonderful 'gifts' can be found on those undeveloped rolls.  And how often have you heard that some famous photographer died, and left dozens of undeveloped film rolls in their belongings?

Or conversely are you guilty of endless selfies and images of your lunch plate, because you feel you should be taking pictures since you have that digital camera on your phone?  And is your addiction to social media fueling this?

And finally an explanation of why your images may not be as good as you expect.  This is completely satire, but some of the comments you'll see after the article have no sense of humor.
If Your Photos Aren’t Good Enough, Your Camera Isn’t Expensive Enough
 But do you really need a reason to add to your camera family? Nah, JUST DO IT!

And I always try to include a recent image of my own.  
On film, from Cottonwood Pass, Colorado.

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  1. Not much old film around here. Sure is a beautiful place on your photo.