Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Going Out of Focus with Eli Vega

We try so hard to achieve that perfect focus.  But Recently I saw a presentation by Eli Vega, Colorado Photo Artist, that emphasized looking at the abstract.

So I thought I would try some of his, multiple exposure and going out of focus techniques.  Obviously I need more practice to get the desired result.  But What do you think of Going Out of Focus?

Eli's Technique:
  • Set your camera for multiple exposures (Mamiya 645 allows this)
  • First take a sharp in focus image
  • Second, go out of focus and take one or more additional images
 After looking at his website, I think that bright colors with lots of contrast with the background creates the best effect.  Of Course I looked at his website, after my attempts did not turn out as I wanted.

So, we'll try this one again, with brighter colors and more Contrast......

1 comment:

  1. From your images it appears that your in focus image has greater exposure than the out of focus one. Perhaps going to a 1/4 in focus and 3/4 out of focus will improve this balance.