Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Manatee Refuge......A Good Use of Power

It was in the upper 30's during the beginning of my Florida trip.  Quite cold for Tampa Bay and dangerously cold for Manatees (you can only see their noses here).

Discovered by the Manatees in 1986, a refuge was created at this Tampa Bay Power Plant:

Unlike many animal, Manatees do not survive on instinct alone.  They must be taught the best places to eat and stay warm by their mothers.  There are many more here now than when I first visited about 20 years ago.  Obviously the location of this special place is being passed down through the generations.

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  1. Neat power plant. I wonder if they allow any photos on site. Looks like a fun place to play with a view camera.

    We have manatees around here in the summer. During winter they find their way to Crystal Springs.