Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn the High Country

 From our visit to Jones' Pass last fall:

Here you see a view of the new molybdenum mine (underground, buildings in the lower left corner), and the original open pit mine cut into the mountains above.  For more on the mining history click here:

You may have heard about the extensive flooding in my area.  I obeyed the law enforcement request to stay home and out of the way of first responders, so no dramatic images here..........but if you want to see more about what's going on check the photo gallery here, and videos here.


  1. I hope you stay high and dry and safe. I have been is some major floods and they are no fun.

  2. My town (Lafayette) sits on a hill above the Boulder area. But the ground is getting water logged even up here. And now they've said that our water may be contaminated....Still not sure how to get to work tomorrow as there are still roads closed to the north where I work.....Oh Well, many people ahve it much worse, so I won't complain.