Monday, August 12, 2013

Scanning Test: Prints vs. Negatives

We've previously shown one scanned print vs. negative comparison for Black and White. Continuing that series we review a few images that I'd wanted to post (but could not find the negative).  Some of you may recognize these, because I'd scanned prints that I was able to find.  But a recent search and rescue mission in by thankfully cool, dry basement (very good for storage), I did find some of my overseas images. More on Sunday Overseas....

Now on to the Comparison:



Can you tell which image is the scanned print and which is the scanned negative?  HINT: the film processor changed the color balance quite a bit from what I consider the natural color.

Image A = Scanned Print
Image B = Scanned Negative

This is ENC-II film which we discussed in the article on Acetate Films.  Both the negatives and the positives from the film tend to be colder.  The print processor (SFW) tended to warm these images up for printing.  We'll look at a few more examples............

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