Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mission Santa Barbara: Architectural Details......

Exterior View behind the Altar...............

I have to admit that a functioning Mission is not as interesting as the ruins I photographed at San Juan Capistrano Or Pecos Pueblo.

By the way this is another Photomerge......


  1. I do not remember if I saw your photos of the ruins, but I do know your photos of the Mission are fine.
    I never had the opportunity to visit, let alone photograph, either.
    Nice work.

  2. The photos are fine....I just had greater expectations of the subject itself. The First time I was there, the Mission was closed for an event. So over the years I'd built up an expectation of what the photographic experience would be like, based upon my other Mission experiences.

    The Missions at Carmel, San Juan Batista, and San Juan Capistrano (ruins) were just more interesting to work with, that's all.