Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally Some Pinholes

I was disappointed with some of the results.  However, you can't be expert at everything, so that's life.  But over the next few days i will post some.  Starting with my Minolta Pinhole Body Cap.  I made a poor choice of color film (transparency) so I decided to compensate by converting some to B&W:

You tell me which version you prefer.................From Guanella Pass.


  1. For pin holes they are quite nice.

  2. You know I need to work more with the Pinhole so I can get used to how they look. In some later posts I show side-by-side images from pinholes and my Mamiya 6X6. Not exactly a fair comparison, but that's what I am used to photgraphs looking like.

    Trying to decide if anything is worthy of submitting to the website. I have until the 31st, so I thought I would get some comments from blog followers.