Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sundays Overseas: Another Hint

Still not going to tell you where this is yet..........but another image as a clues:

Also remembering last week's image, the Tower figures prominently in the historical events that occurred here.


  1. The only historical place I can think of with a Glacier is Prince William sound in Alaska, but I am sure there are other places similar.

  2. Getting closer in latitude anyway. It's much farther north (think Arctic Circle), and not in the U.S.

    And the Tower is key to what happened here. There is a similarly 'famous' tower in New Jersey.

  3. Correct, this is far north in Norway. Another hint....not on the mainland. Last hint: a famous expedition departed from here.....

  4. Bill M has left a new comment on your post "Sundays Overseas: Last Hint":

    Well the only thing I can make a half-way intelligent guess is Nordpol is the North Pole. Now I'd think Alaska, but the spelling is more Scandinavian. Norway?
    I know last week's photo just did not fit Alaska.

    Bill M, Blogger lost your comment also, so I'm adding it here.