Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Camera News: Made in the USSR……..

But found in the ‘trash’ so to speak.  One of the old-timer scientists where Donald works was retiring and cleaning out his laboratory.  Certain items were left out for anyone to take.
So the find was a Kalimar Wide-X, swing-lens panorama camera:
Swing Lens Feature-sweeps across the field of view to limit exposure and create panorama effect.
Essential Data from
Dates: 1967-1973
Origin:  An export version of the Russian of the HorizonT 35 mm swing-lens panorama camera for the American market.  Rebadged by the importer Kalimar.  Almost 50,000 were produced, sold under different names in different countries.  Since 1991 it has been produced as the Plastic Horizon Panorama:  Model Horizon-202 from 1991-2005 and Model Horizon Kompackt from 2005-2009.  I could not find any evidence of current production. But for more on Plastic Cameras visit the Lomo Society.
Yes the field of view lens is cracked but still useable.
The camera must be level to minimize distortion, so a tripod is required.
A manual we found in translation on-line warned that the shutter speed was 'only approximate' and the ASA dial 'just a reminder'.
Also a couple of compact light meters:
Sekonic Auto-Lumi L-158 and the Gossen Pilot:
About once a month I intend to write about one of the cameras I own or hope to own.  I had done some of this when I began this Blog.  I may re-post some of those oldies (with updates) for the benefit on more recent followers.


  1. Lucky you. When these Russian panorama cameras are working they make really nice frames. Hope yours is in good shape.
    Looking forward to some pix from this.

  2. Amazing looking camera, and the images you posted are great!

    These panoramic swing lens contraptions always look a little like they could have come from a 1950's alien space ship. Not sure why, but that's what always comes to my mind. But then my mind works in strange ways... and I watch too many old movies! :-)