Sunday, June 26, 2011

Film Test Almost Complete

If you've been following for a while you know that I lamented the loss of my favorite color film Kodak E100GX.  A 'cousin' of this film still exists E100VS (vivid saturation).  I've used it before but had preferred the former.

Anyway, I've also recently tried Kodak's new print film Ektar 100, with mixed results.  But to be fair I decided to have a head to head test of Ektar 100 vs E100VS, using identical camera models and settings.  The in camera meters were within 1/2 stop or less.  About 10 years difference in age.

That film is now at the shop being developed.  But Note to Self, don't use 36 exp for a film test, it will take forever!  I started this in February after all!

(And Yes I do know that everyone raves about Fuji Velvia 50, but that's too slow for my 35 mm work, and Velvia 100 has real color balance problems.  If I wanted to spend all of my time in Photoshop making these corrections I wouldn't use film.)

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