Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookin' with Caffenol Test #2

Well, not cooking, just developing.  So we'll spend the rest of the week looking at my second Caffenol test.  I used the Caffenol CH formula with a few adjustments:

I think I'll be ready to move my Caffenol photography to the Rollei soon.

I don't know why it hadn't occur to me the first time I posted to raise the contrast to cover up some of the fog.  Although this image was generally dark enough (thin negative) to not show fog as much.

See a Before and After example below:

No Contrast Adjustment

With Contrast Adjustment

Of course I rarely have to do a contrast or brightness adjustment to my B&W images, because I 'adjust' my contrast in camera using filters.  I do Have Filters for my Holga, but it seems strange to use them.


  1. I actually liked the 'raw,' unadjusted image better. I think that has to do with mood maybe. I have forwarded the link to this blog to my camera club here in Maine. We have many film shooters in our club who would find this site very interesting and validating, "Film Lives!" Nice work here and interesting. is our site.

  2. Thanks Robin. I agree that the uncorrected versions do have some appealing qualities.

    By the way, I started blogging so I could find other film enthusiasts. Film despite all the reports, does live. And both Fuji and Kodak are still releasing new films.