Monday, December 20, 2010

Hospital Hiatus: New Camera Find

So as you read this I will be in the hospital for my cancer surgery..........

And I leave for you a little Christmas "Gift" in advance.  My mother, who likes to hide things, has turned over to me her Aunt's Camera.  She remarked that next time she would bring me her mid-1930's camera.  Why the delay, it just how my mom is!

Back to our subject, lucky for me it had 5 exposed frames from the mid-1930's.  Hopefully I will be able to develop this.  A question for you all, what best approximates Kodak Pyro developers (listed as Eikonogen or Hydrochinon).  Maybe they still exist.

But on to the Camera, probably a pretty common one:  The Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic

This model was produced from 1913-1926.  i have no idea exactly when Aunt Lenora purchased it.  If you know of a way that I can trace the serial number let me know.

 The Camera is in fine shape, the case, not so great.

Here you can see the shutter (silver tab) release and focusing crystal.  Also note the back slot cover on the right ear.  This is the "autographic" window.  Using the attached stylus (visible to the right of the cover) you could write on this special photo paper the photo information, such as date, time place, exposure.

Here a somewhat unfocused close-up of the crystal and shutter release.

So especially let me know about potential developers.  As it turns out I can still get 127 film from Efke.  Also there are a few places that cut-down 120 film to fit.  But at $8.49, Efke is the cheapest, so I'll try it first.

I'll be back on line live Christmas weekend.....But look for my Christmas Eve Holiday posting.




  1. Can't help with the developer question; camera looks like a fun exercise, like to see the results when you get them.
    Good luck with the hospital.

  2. 1. EFKE is okay, I use it all the time (the films are a little short!) in B&W and colour.
    2. VSOP exposed film: Rodinal is the stuff to use, maybe with potassiumbromid as no-fog.
    3. Good luck!

  3. Hi Kathleen, I have two of these cameras and bought the second one to repair the first one. Seems there are a multitude of types with different lenses, finishes and accessories.

    The good news is that the ball bearing shutters are pretty much indestructable so they should work.

    Check out this website for lots of info...

  4. Thanks for your suggestions. I had considered Rodinal, because it works for everything, right?

    I've taken some photos, but haven't finished to roll yet. I think I have two more shots.

    I've contacted a group here in the US that specializes in alternative processes called Photographer's Formulary. If they don't have a preferred product, then I'll try the Rodinal + potassium bromide. That may be their suggestion anyway.