Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scanner Down

My scanner has decided to malfunction. Looking into the cost of repairs, But just incase I want to replace rather than repair, do any of you have scanner suggestions?

Anyway, I think I have enough scanned to last until the end of the year. I'll have to dig out my old 35mm slide scanner.


  1. Happens to me every ±5 months. I just disconnect everything, wait an hour, and try again. Worked (until today) with my otherwise fine CanoScan 8800F (the first camera my dad gave me was the Canon FX, hence the Canon.)

  2. You know, Donald did that, disconnected and reconnected everything. Not I'm testing the scanner and it seems to work.

    Wondering though if I need to take it in for service? Or just keep going until it completely dies!

  3. Never, NEVER service a working thing (Alexander Spoerl, I believe)