Friday, June 11, 2010

Red Rocks Friday: Still Waiting for an Arch?

Court House Rocks,
Arches National Park, Utah

I know, you're still waiting for an arch.  But that would be so predictable!

Here's a link to my favorite photo from Arches, but again not an Arch.  And the web doesn't do justice to this photo.  So browse at a few of Rick's other photos.


  1. Gorgeous formations! I really like the composition of this one, and the colour is really nice, which slide film did you use?

  2. Oosps! Forgot to put the film in my labels. I'll correct that. Its Kodak E100GX; my favorite dead film. The warm color balance was perfect for the Western US. But I'll try the Fuji Velvia 50 and see how it works out.