Sunday, September 16, 2018

Why I Won't Post on Community Project Sites Anymore: A 52 Rolls Redux

I've learned a painful lesson with the 52 Rolls Project.  So I won't be posting on 'community project sites' anymore.  And what was that lesson?

Well first there were some benefits, It got me motivated to spend more time on photography. I made new online photography connections, etc.....But now the site has gone inactive with a huge downside that I now am in the process of manually copying every post over again in order to preserve them.  Since I don't own the site, I cannot download my posts directly from WordPress (if you know of a way to do this, please let me know).  So I'm in the middle of copying 100+ posts.......a very slow process.

This is intended as a 'word to the wise', a caveat.  Always keep copies of your posts if you do decide to participate in a project like this.....The digital world is ephemeral anyway.  I knew that, but trusted that this project would have more staying power, but it didn't.

So to keep myself going I will start reposting my salvaged 52 Rolls posts.  So below is my first '52 Rolls Redux': From July 2017

--> We view the Prairie Sentinels at the Cedar Creek Wind Farm:

They are located near Pawnee Buttes, out in the northeastern plains of Colorado.  An effective collaboration between ranchers and renewable energy.  That's why I particularly like the bails of hay scattered among the Windmills.  

On previous visits we only got this close (above); But this time we found a road that passed through part of the wind farm.

And the Pawnee Buttes:

Very strange atmospheric conditions and flat light due to haze from all the many wildfires here in the western US and Canada.  Click here for more from the Buttes.

And a little reminder of what eastern Colorado looks like.  Everyone thinks of mountains, but half the state is in the Prairie.........

Tech Info:  Minolta XD-11 with Tamron 28-200 zoom lens and dark orange filter. Kodak T-Max 400 film; Developed by KellyBlackDog and scanned on my Epson v700.

 Post will be in random order.........Not chronological.

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