Saturday, September 1, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole, Or.......

Or, why I need to STOP focusing so much time on Twitter.  Number 1, it detracts from my blogs and Number 2, I'm not sure that it is increasing traffic to my blogs.......Number 3 '#' used to mean Number!

Because of Twitter, I've gotten caught up in all of these short-term 'shoot for a theme' projects (like #camerachallenge and @PortraParty).  I think I got caught up in it because of my success with #filmjune.  Nothing like 'winning' something to cause a distraction from the real purpose of my photography.

This is supposed to be my thoughtful and meditative artistic expression.  I've never been one who required (or even sought) instant gratification.  If I needed that I wouldn't be a film shooter.....

So for September, we are returning to first principles.  More writing here....more thoughtfulness, less emphasis on Tweeting!  This blog forwards to Twitter, but I'm shooting for myself, not for Twitter Projects.

I've been doing some macro work lately.....OK it was a Twitter Challenge.  But.........

The Weather has been unpleasant (hot and very polluted)  so I haven't been out in nature the past couple of months.  Therefore I've worked with what I had....My Garden.

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