Sunday, September 30, 2018

52 Rolls Redux: Preparing for Winter

We take a look back at January 2016 as we prepare for the coming winter.  Continuing with the Holga Theme that started my 52 Rolls Journey.........

Our First walk along Coal Creek Open Space in Boulder County, Colorado:

Camera: Holga 120S, Film: T-MAX 400

My Strategy for the project is to use a variety of film types, although I usually shoot ISO 400 film in my Holgas.  I am also, in general shooting two exposures of each scene, so most of the time I will only have 6 discrete images to post.  Also, I've decided to cheat a little bit and shoot two cameras the 120S and 120N, and overlap my rolls by 3-4 days to get a bit ahead and make up for times when I may not be able to complete one roll in a week.  And one last disclaimer when I don't have time to develop the film, I'm sending B&W to Ilford Labs USA and always sending Color Film to Old School Photo Labs.

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