Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faith on Film: Praying Hands

Actually a type of Self-Portrait, taken by using the timer on my camera (and yes, the always handy tripod). I framed the positioning of my hands by using the grain on the wood beam. Just something very simple as I was experimenting around the house.

P.S. I was shooting another ‘whole roll, single subject’, in my front yard the other day. My neighbors think I’m Crazy. I’ll have the results when my darkroom is finished later this month.


  1. Very good, you do a awesome work in film, congratulations.

  2. Your blog is great I just linked your blog to my blog list. Thank you for all the comments. Yes I am trying to show them Another America an America that only a few know.

  3. Thanks,

    As you can see from my most recent posting I am fighting a bit of an uphill battle here in Colorado. I began my B&W studies in Monterey, California, which was the home of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and current B&W masters like John Sexton and one of my instructors, Patrick Jablonski. Here color is everything, sometimes the only thing.