Sunday, August 16, 2009

Faith on Film: Spiritual Cliché?

We are all familiar with the clichéd Sun Beam as sign of the Spirit. But sometimes these really are spiritual places (and the Sun Beam just fortuitously appears). Such was my experience in the Hocking Hills. This is a region first inhabited by Paleolithic Natives down through time to the Shawnee. It was always a special place of refuge, and if you take your time, you can feel the presence of the Ancients as you wander through. The Old Man's Cave area is a canyon within the Hocking Hills containing a number of rock shelters used by Native Americans. One of my photo influences, Donald Anderson has a Landscape Portfolio of this area. We've both taken a shot of the same location. See if you can pick the 'duplicate' image.

I’m on a mission to revisit places from my childhood so that my west coast husband can learn to appreciate the more subtle beauty of the East and Midwest. I also visited some of these places when I was very young and I want to experience them as an adult. The Old Man’s Cave region of SE Ohio located in the Hocking Hills is one of those places. Many people don’t know that the Appalachian Plateau region actually extends well into Ohio. My Hometown, Cincinnati is on the edge of the foothills leading into this area. Here are a few more scenes from the Hocking Hills:

Here is the Profile of the "OLD MAN" that the area is named for.

One of the Rock Shelters within the the small canyon of the Old Man's Cave region.

Rock "Stairway" leading out of one of the many rock shelters within the canyon.


  1. This is a awesome place, and you did a great photographic work.

  2. Thanks, I especially love the green back east. Nothing like it out here.