Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Photographic Goals for 2018

First,  Happy Boxing Day!  Now that I work for a Canadian Based Company, I get Boxing Day Off Too!

Setting Realistic Goals for 2018.  Over committing doesn't work.  Last year I set fewer. more attainable goals and achieved them for the most part.  Let's Review my 2017 plans:
  • 52 Rolls Project 2017 (always stick with something that works)
    • Done; still wrapping up but I will finish the 52 posts. Dropping out next year to focus on the darkroom and printing
  • More Darkroom Time (I'm committing to 1 print per month; 12 prints this year.  I think putting a real number on it will help to make it happen)
    • I did make more than 12 prints, in spurts rather than one per month. This is my main focus for 2018.
  • Moab Photo Symposium (This Year focussing on B&W)

  • Photographing the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Nebraska:

So what's on Tap For Next Year?
  • Focus on Darkroom Printing Time Especially prints of Moab Symposium events
  • Attend THE FINAL Moab Photo Symposium in May 2018
  • Continue Experiments with IR Film
  • Practice with my newly converted digital full spectrum camera
  • Continue the Charge towards Gallery Submissions (Check My 'Fine Art' Page Here).

Spending the rest of the week on Holiday/Vacation Hiatus.  Check New Year's Eve and New Year's Day for my next posts.

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