Thursday, February 2, 2017

Project Oriented Posintgs

As I move into 2017 I want to have a bit more purpose.  My 'Personal Vision' class last year had some good points, and one is to have more focus.  So I'm going to assign myself projects.  One Project that has been out there but not rigorously pursued is the 'Barn Project'.

So we Revisit the Purpose of that Project, and you'll be seeing more Barns in the future.


  1. Gotta love those neat old barns.
    On a personal note, one of my first contest photos was an old barn.

  2. We have an interesting variety in barn architecture around here. All quickly vanishing in Boulder County, which was the inspiration for the project.

  3. Sad to see them disappear. They either fall down from lack of care or are torn down for 'progress'. Same happens here in the East.
    This one lucky one was saved

  4. This one is in a park near my home. It's now on the Historical Registry because the original ranchers were pioneers.